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Welcome to ISAR Klinikum

When choosing a place for treatment, every patient aims for the best. Treatment in Germany has long been considered a standard of the highest quality, and Isar Klinikum asserts its place among the best clinics in this ranking. Here, you are awaited by world-class doctors ready to offer advanced treatment methods. Our international department responds quickly and efficiently to all inquiries, and in the case of specialized needs, we collaborate with leading medical partners and specialists. At Isar Klinikum, we stand guard over your health, ensuring excellence at every stage of your treatment.







More than just a clinic


At ISAR Klinikum, we strive to offer a wide range of high-quality medical services. Our clinic represents a harmonious combination of traditional medicine and the latest high-tech technologies. More than 850 specialists across 12 medical departments guarantee a personalized and professional approach. Our services include everything from ophthalmology to immunological optimization of the body, from biohacking methods for improving body functions to advanced 4D gait analysis.


Thanks to our collaboration with the best doctors and intensive development in the field of medical tourism, we are proud that more than 140,000 patients trust our expertise. But for us, each patient is not just a number. They are an individual who deserves the best treatment and care in the world.

At ISAR Klinikum, we understand that international patients face many questions and difficulties. Therefore, our international services department is ready to respond quickly and efficiently to any inquiry. In case we do not have the necessary specialization, our network of partner clinics and experts will provide you access to the best specialists in the field.

Information about our clinic

Our Specialization and Treatment Services

Our approach to patient treatment is focused on achieving specific goals, which allows us to avoid unnecessary surgeries. Our task is to develop an optimal treatment plan with the patient that will perfectly suit him or her.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis and treatment at our center are based on advanced methods and innovative technologies. We offer an individual approach to each patient, ensuring a high level of medical care and attentive consideration of the details of your health.

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    Patients from abroad: Patients living abroad who are interested in medical services in Germany can receive high-quality treatment at their own expense.

    Foreign medical insurance: For those who do not have insurance for treatment in Germany, we offer convenient payment terms.

    Payment for treatment by companies: If you live abroad but your treatment costs are covered by business partners, large organizations or diplomatic missions, we are ready to provide all necessary documents and guarantee the highest standard of medical services.

    "Treatment in Germany? - That's how we can help!"

    • Our services

      Our services at a glance: At ISAR Klinikum, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch medical care for international patients. When you choose treatment abroad, you rely on the best clinics and the best doctors. We strive to provide the highest standard of care, combining advanced medical technology with a personalized approach to each patient. Your health is in good hands at ISAR Klinikum.
    • Second Opinion

      "If you have doubts or would like further advice regarding your diagnosis or treatment, contact ISAR Klinikum.Our experts will provide you with a professional second opinion based on years of experience and cutting-edge medical research."
    • Conference video

      In a world where borders are blurred by technology, access to top-notch medical care should be limitless. Our video conference service with Germany's leading physicians provides this opportunity, especially valuable for patients from CIS countries seeking access to cutting-edge medical knowledge and expertise.
    • Additional services

      At ISAR Klinikum, one of the world's best clinics, we offer an exclusive package of services for our international patients. Professional interpreter services, organizing your stay in Germany, high-quality medical care - this is only part of what we offer. Immerse yourself in the world of the highest medical standards and learn more about how we can make your treatment abroad comfortable and carefree. It is not for nothing that ISAR Klinikum is considered one of the quality leaders in the field of international medicine.

    Why ISAR Klinikum?


      Medical Capital of the World - Munich

      Munich is not only a cultural and historical gem of Germany, but also an advanced medical center of world renown. The city boasts a number of top-class hospitals, research facilities and clinics. The ISAR Klinikum occupies a special place in this ribbon of medical excellence. Located right in the city center, just 800 meters from Marienplatz, our clinic offers patients accessibility and convenience combined with the highest level of medical care. Here, in the heart of Munich, you will find the best that modern medicine has to offer. This city and our clinic truly deserve the title "Medical Capital of the World".


      Fast organization of your request

      We understand how valuable your time is, so we will not keep you waiting to organize your treatment. Every minute you spend waiting is important to us. That is why we do everything in our power to organize your therapy as soon as possible. Try our services and see for yourself.


      Leading Physicians and a Broad Network of Specialists

      At ISAR Klinikum, we take pride not only in our team of highly qualified doctors but also in our extensive network of specialized partners. Our collaboration with specialists across various medical disciplines ensures that every patient receives the best possible treatment, regardless of the complexity and specificity of their condition. Thanks to this unique partnership, we can offer a comprehensive treatment approach that covers every area of medical specialization. Our keywords in this context include: highly qualified physicians, specialized partners, comprehensive treatment, and an extensive network of specialists.


      Tens of Thousands of International Patients Trust Us

      When it comes to health, there is no room for jokes. Our clinic has many years of experience in medical tourism and serving international patients. Thanks to our extensive experience, we perfectly understand the needs and peculiarities of each patient arriving from abroad. We know what to pay attention to and what is key for successful and comfortable treatment. Don't put off your treatment for tomorrow. Click here and start your journey to recovery today.


    Please contact us via the form on our website, WhatsApp, or Telegram. We will request the necessary information and assist you in organizing the meeting.

    Yes, the clinic will assist you at every stage of the process. After your initial contact, we will explain how it works. If you are not from the European Union and do not have a European passport or residence permit, you will likely need a visa. Please contact us for more details.

    Yes, the clinic offers translation services, interpreter services, and many other services. Please review and read the detailed information in the "Services" and "Additional Services" sections.

    The clinic or payment service accepts all major credit cards, bank transfers, and payments via PaybyLink. In most cases, a prepayment is required before arrival, which will be credited to your final bill after treatment is completed. Please contact us for further information.

    Your medical documents from your home country are very important to us. They help us better understand your medical history and current health condition. We strongly recommend that you bring or send us all relevant medical documents and reports in advance. Our doctors will carefully review them and incorporate them into your treatment plan. It is important that all documents are translated into English or German so that our medical team can process them without delay. If you do not have a written translation of your medical documents, you can send them to us in your native language, and we will provide a professional translation for an additional fee.

    Yes, we offer special post-treatment appointments in the form of video conferences or written reports.

    The "Partners" section on our website is designed for B2B partners, including clinics, doctors, insurance companies, travel agencies, and large corporations. The goal of our partnership is to significantly increase the number of patients who seek treatment at our clinic. If you are interested in collaborating and see opportunities for mutual benefit, please contact us.